Easy plug and play libraries for languages
you know and love.

Our platform provides solutions for your complex problems, so you can focus on building amazing apps.

Easily create complex image, audio and video
apps with our frame-work.

No need to hire algorithm experts - our platform takes care of all your complex algorithm components.

An open market-place for your
complex solutions.

Write,test,and share your algorithms using our automation steps.

Make your algorithm testing and accuracy
measurements easier.

Our platform allows you to test and measure accuracy and can also measure your algorithm improvements.

How does the algoBucket platform work?


an algorithm

We connect researchers,R&D teams and algorithm developers who have been working for years on complex algorithm problems


Share it in our open market-place

Our platform tests and measures the accuracy of algorithms published in the marketplace so you can focus on building amazing products.


Create amazing products

Application developers can access their full creative potential by tapping into sophisticated algorithms to build truly innovative apps and services.

Get started with our platform immediately.

Start building complex solutions right away with easy steps to get up and running today.

  Improve existing algorithm accuracy & solutions for complex problems

  Collaborate with algorithm developers to improve your app performance.

  Apply unlimited creativity to your apps and products


Share and collaborate

Connect with research units and application developers in one market place.


Real-time business solution

Real-time business solutions for computer vision, audio processing and more.


More platforms and devices

Plug and play components for all your needs - Java, .Net , PHP, iOS, Android.


Easy search tags

Forget the technical stuff - we help you to find the correct solution with business relevant tags.


Binary conversion

Development to multi-language binary support for the algorithms, platform.


Accuracy measurement

Dedicated test platforms for accuracy measurements.