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The Deskewer

When scanning in documents one thing that could happen is the possibility of pages not feeding properly, so some of the pages will be created with a slant. A new feature that professional scanning option is now offering is a Deskew feature, which will fix this problem. After scanning in a document, if the document’s text/images are at a slight angle, algoBucket’s algorithm will auto-rotate the document so that the alignment is corrected.

There are also other advantages to having a deskewed document verse a non-deskewed document. If you were to OCR the documents, the deskewed document will achieve a higher character recognition accuracy rate.

Diverse algorithm Expertise

  • There’s a better way to get things signed.

    Electronic signatures are just the beginning. algoBucket algo makes any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital, so you can get on with your business, and your life. Anywhere, anytime, any device: Access, sign and send important documents from your desk, on the road or everywhere in between.

Diverse algorithm Expertise

  • A scanner in your pocket.

    This algo is a scanner in your pocket. Quickly scan your documents on the go and export them as JPEG or multi-page PDF files. Our scanner technology includes smart page detection, perspective correction and image enhancement. In addition, We offers powerful tools to organize and safely export your documents.

Diverse algorithm Expertise

  • OCR

    Convert scans, images and PDFs into editable documents with unmatched accuracy.This algo provides an optical character recognition (OCR) functionality that provides unmatched text recognition accuracy and conversion capabilities, virtually eliminating retyping and reformatting of documents. Intuitive use and one-click automated tasks let you do more in fewer steps. Algo converts scanned paper documents, digital images of texts and image-only PDFs into actionable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel or searchable PDFs, enabling you to quote or entirely reuse text and table content without retyping.


How can Document & OCR help you?

Document relevant algorithms replace printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting paper documents to transact business. and also enables organizations of every size, industry and geography to make every decision, approval, workflow and signature fully digital.

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