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An intelligent and the robust emotion detection system captures

"neutral", "anger", "disgust", "fear", "happy".


Your face tells everything ! Extract emotional insights from facial emotions

Non-obtrusive research method

Avoid obtrusive research methods that introduce bias into reactions. A face video recorded from a standard webcam is all you need. Live visualize, analyze, aggregate and export all raw data and metrics.

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Live visualize, aggregate & export your algorithm

Live visualize all emotion and facial channels synchronized with the stimuli on a timeline. Segment and aggregate across participants and export all algorithm to import it into any statistical program for further analysis

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Our Algorithm At Every Stage

Main Output of Emotion Detector

Our emotion detector is the leader in emotion detection and sentiment analysis, part of a neuromarketing wave that is driving a quantum leap in customer understanding. Manual face coding is extremely time consuming. Save time and resources by using algoBucket, and spend your time analyzing data rather then collecting it.

7 Basic Emotions
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