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Service for face and facial features finding and recognition


Your face tells everything Extract emotional insights from facial emotions

Optical Flow based Tracking

Optical flow is defined as spatio-temporal image brightness variations. To track a face across a sequence of frames, we use Lucas-Kanade optical flow algorithm[10] to estimate the motion of extracted facial features between adjacent frames in the sequence.

multiple face features

CAMShift based Tracking

The CAMShift algorithm[9] is an adaption of the Mean Shift algorithm for object tracking. The Mean Shift algorithm is a robust, non-parametric technique that climbs the gradient of a probability distribution to find the mode (peak) of the distribution.

multiple face features
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Main Output of Single Face Tracker

Real-time tracking and recognizing multiple faces in complex environments has the ability to provide security automation to large areas. Previous research has shown that few filter techniques paired with the traditional face detection methods.

Face Emotions

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